The small and harmless encrypted files which are recorded on your computer when you visit a website are called “Cookies”.
A cookie is not a program and does not harm your computer. However, it helps the website you have visited to be remembered by your computer.
Cookies are used for providing better results for website users. The websites you have visited perceive your previous visits via cookies and present you with priority the content such as the topics, products, services, and texts that you displayed interest for in your previous visit.
Use of Cookies by our Website
Our website may occasionally use cookies for the purpose of highlighting the services you were interested in when you previously visited our website. As no advertisement campaign is conducted via our website, your visit information is never shared with any other institution, organization, or website.
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We use a Google service named Google Analytics in order to enhance access to and increase the quality of our website. Google Analytics collects information on the visits made to our website and comprises data on the countries and cities visited, user browser brands and versions, accessed devices and connection types, and duration of a website visit by the visitor. utilizes such data for enhancing the efficiency and performance of our website.
Cancellation of Cookies
You may block, restrict, or delete Cookies from your browser settings. Cookie transactions and settings may vary depending on the Browser. You may obtain more detailed information on cancellation and setting of Cookies from the help section of your browser or by making a search on the internet.

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