Privacy Policy

GO TURKEY SAIL PRIVACY POLICY duly and laboriously protect and conserve the privacy and confidentiality of your personal data.
Our confidentiality policy applies to all transactions carried out on our website.
We rarely make updates on our privacy policies in order to protect you in line with the nature of advancing technologies and systems. The privacy policy which applies for your booking services shall be subject to the confidentiality policy terms on the date of your booking transaction.
Credit Card Security
Global Transfer Wise system is used in the booking transactions performed via Your credit card information does not reach us by no means whatsoever via this payment system and is not shared with us by the bank.
Data Collection
Once you perform a booking transaction, your name, surname, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and all the information you have entered during the booking transaction are stored in highly secure digital data centers and are not shared with 3rd parties by no means whatsoever. utilizes security procedures and technical limitations for the access and use of personal data. Our authorized staff may access personal data only for fulfilling the tasks provided within the scope of our services. Our server and network are protected via firewalls against unauthorized entries. Furthermore, we have security violation detection systems for monitoring and detecting unauthorized entries to or misuse of our servers (or attempts to do so).

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