Our Gulets

GO TURKEY SAIL  uses traditional Turkish-made Gulets for our sailing tours in all destinations. A traditional Turkish Gulet is a comfortable motorized cruising boat with 2 - 3 sailing masts and sails. perfectly designed and used for thousands of years for traveling both long and shorter distances.

Turkey has been always one of the leading countries in ship design and boat building for centuries. Unsurprisingly seeing as the country has a very long spectacular coastline spanning both Europe and Asia. 
Our boats are all designed to maximize lounging space on the deck in order to enjoy the beautiful views, bays, waters of the Turkish Mediterranean in comfort.

GO TURKEY SAIL  has access to some of the most comfortable, spacious, and well-equipped traditional gulets in Turkey due to being in the industry for quite a long time.  All of our cabins are en-suite with a decent sized bathroom which you would expect to see in a hotel rather than a boat. Hot water is always available throughout the sailing week

Air conditioning in all our cabins is available. However, we are only able to run a/c  for certain hours in a day since it is totally on generators on our boats. And also according to Turkish coastal authorities, it is strictly not allowed to keep them on after midnight in the bays due to noise and safety.
it can get pretty hot during a typical Turkish summer and it won't be uncommon for temperatures to reach 40 degrees especially in the peak of summer.
But hey! you are on a boat and you can always cool off in the liquid turquoise gold waters that will be all around you during your week. Sleeping on the upper deck under millions of stars is the best just like you are camping in nature. 
There are both shaded and sunny areas on the boat depending on your preference. We like a bit of both!

And Oscar goes to...
we have an exclusive chef onboard catering mouth-watering Turkish foods every day. you won't believe how our chef makes that many delicious dishes in a boat kitchen. we guarantee that you will look forward to breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner every single day,  our meals on our boat weeks are often the highlight of the trip and that’s saying something.

Our common areas on the vessel are plentiful and huge. There is a lot of space on the different decks to relax, chat with your fellow travelers, play games, read your book, sunbathe, nap, or simply gaze out at the stunning views with a cocktail in hand, made by one of our helpful and friendly deckhands/bar person extraordinaire.
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